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As a fat woman, I know that sometimes you can feel uncomfortable about how you look during sex, but trust me when I say this to you: if a man has got you naked and in a bed, he's not examining you for flaws, he's in awe and he's ready to have a great time.

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The 5 Best Sex Positions For Women Who Are Bigger Than Their Men

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Be it a casual encounter with a near stranger or the intimate connection that comes from having sex with your long-term romantic partner, an orgasm is an orgasm is an orgasm.

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For a fat woman who is nervous about how her belly will be perceived by a sexual partner, there is nothing more alarming than the idea of getting on top of your man and giving him a prime view of your stomach.

Description: If you want to have an intense orgasm and feel beautiful while having it, get on top of his penis, lean back and grab hold of his ankles.


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